A culinary journey.

Whimsy is taking you on a culinary journey and transports you into a magical world full of wonders, in which you can even fly.

A new dining experience.

A whole room (360 degree) full of 3D projections, that will bring all of your senses to their absolute limits.


Whimsy or whimsical means playful in a quirky way, a little crazy and also somewhat eccentric and weird.






What is

Fine Dining for all of your senses.


Art & Flavors

Whimsy combines fine dining with brand-new, extravagant 3D art and sound, that fills up the whole room and makes you forget the world around you.

Experience a

Virtual Journey

Your host will take you on an insane, virtual journey through the wonderful world of Whimsy, in which everything is possible, even flying.

Take part in

Direct Interaction

Influence the 3D environment around you and compose a love letter or drawing for your significant other, which will be shown within the Whimsy world.


All Your Senses

Whimsy is the first of its kind multi-sensory fine dining experience: See, hear, smell, feel & taste Whimsy, a fusion of dining and entertainment.

Photos & Videos

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Our Locations

Here you can find all of our Whimsy locations and can get to the individual website.

JW Marriott Berlin

Whimsy is going to be extremely popular in the German capital Berlin.

JW Marriott Berlin
JW Marriott, Berlin

Whimsy is going to be extremely popular in Istanbul.

JW Marriott
JW Marriott, Istanbul


Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The dinner show takes around two hours. We would kindly ask you to arrive thirty minutes before the show starts.
Yes, different menus can be selected. Please note that the same videos are always shown, regardless of which menu you selected.
During the booking process you will find a section where you can mention your preferences, intolerances etc. The restaurant will do their best to realize it.
Mostly all locations offer a vegan or gluten free alternative. The courses with fish will be exchanged with the courses from the vegetarian menu.
There are smaller portions for children, if there are any leftovers, it can also be packed.
As soon as your child sits on its own chair (no high chair anymore), you need to adjust the number of guests. This is an important information for the table organization.
Once paid, the deposit and purchase price of any 'Whimsy' menus and associated add-ons are non-refundable. However, diners are able to make changes to their dates up to 48 hours prior to the original booking date by contacting [email protected] or the location directly.
Yes, if you consider paying your reservation ahead, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will generate a payment link for you.
The open balance will be settled at the location after the dinner show.
Invoices can only be issued by the restaurant itself. Please contact the restaurant directly. For vouchers purchased on our website (https://whimsy360.com), we can create an invoice for you. Please contact us by email at [email protected].
Bookings can usually be booked two to three months in advance. Group requests are handled separately by the hotel.
The difference between the menus is the quality of the ingredients. The ingredients from the “Whimsical Experience” menu are of even higher quality (e.g. Fillet of Australian Wagyu Beef instead of the Bavarian Fleckvieh).
The event takes place at a large table. You will be seated with other guests on together.
You can easily buy or redeem a gift voucher over https://whimsy360.com. The gift vouchers are valid all over the world. They will deliver via email.
You can write an email at [email protected], you can use the contact sheet on our website or you can call us under +49 (0)619-0808-9370.
The gourmet kitchen prepares an excellent menu for you. If you would like to have a clear impression you are welcome to visit our website under https://whimsy360.com.
We do not provide delivery service. The 3D animation is an installed construction and not portable.
Please write us an email with your reservation details and your request to [email protected]. We will answer your request as soon as possible. Please pay attention to the cancellation and refund policies.
We accept credit cards and Paypal. We are happy to make the reservation manually, if you have none of those payment options. After that we will ask you to transfer the deposit to our bank account. Please provide all your booking details and contact us under [email protected].